Lift Station Pump Repair Service

Lift Station Pump Repair

If You Lift Station Pump Is Damaged, Don’t Hesitate To Call Us for Lift Station Pump Repair.

In many cases, a structure’s plumbing is created to run from the property in a downhill flow toward the main sewer line. Some structures, though, were built at a lower level than the location of the main sewer line, which is typically the street. You can minimize the risk of clogs, leaks, and backups in your building or home by utilizing a lift station, or pump station, to push sewage upward toward the main lines. If you are having issues with your current lift station pump, we can provide lift station pump repair all over Albuquerque, NM that ensures your sewage is running in the direction it should. Speak with our professionals now when you call 505-288-3308 to schedule your consultation.

What is a Sewer Lift Station?

To successfully transfer wastewater from a low-lying building or home to meet the main sewer line, a sewer lift station is ideal. Depending on your individual needs, your sewer lift station can come with a multitude of pump types, like a grinder pump or an ejector pump. The HPC Mechanical, Inc. plumbers can provide effective, convenient repairs to ensure your sewage flows as it should. When you need details about lift station pump repair your Albuquerque, NM home or business, call our plumbing experts for in-depth details about your options.

Lift Pump Station Repair and Maintenance

Any sewer lift station is composed of multiple parts like the pump, a pipe and valve system, and a junction box. When these parts experience wear or damage, they can cause leaks in your pipes or backups in your sinks, showers, and tubs. Avoid these potentially dangerous and expensive damages with regular maintenance and repair. The HPC Mechanical, Inc. professionals can easily take care of any type of lift station damage, from clogged pipes to motor burnout. We provide a full assessment of your system to provide options that are both effective and efficient. Our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable to complete your repairs effectively and conveniently.

Don’t live with backup or leak problems in your sewer system. Call 505-288-3308 to set up your appointment for effective and affordable lift station pump repair throughout Albuquerque, NM today.