Keeping Your Gas Furnace in Tip-Top Shape


Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Working Correctly.

Making sure your home is comfortable and stays that way, is also done by keeping your gas furnace up to date. If your furnace is working, you will be able to keep your home warm during those cold winter months. In order to keep your furnace running properly and not try to turn it on and it not work, there will need to be maintenance done on it. There are many gas furnace components that should be upkept so that you never have to worry about gas furnace problems. Your home furnace is typically either gas or electric and in some cases you may have a high efficiency gas furnace, which would mean that it has an AFUE rating of 90 percent or higher. This would mean that it is able to use less gas to produce more heat. It works at a higher rate so it will be better on your energy bill while also delivering you heat. A gas heating system will work extremely efficient because it burns at a high temperature. You do have to look out for anything that is gas ran though, because of the dangers of gas leaks that can occur. The best thing you can do is to always pay attention to the smell of gas and of you do smell it in your home, try to find the source and if you cannot, but you continue to smell it, call a plumber right away. Having annual maintenance on your gas furnace will allow it to continue to run correctly for a very long time. If there are issues with our system, we urge you to not try to fix them yourself. If you have a warranty still on the system and you change something out, it can potentially void the warranty. Make sure you call a technician out and they will be able to change the part without the danger of a damaged warranty. The tech can check the gas furnace air flow to make sure that there is nothing more going on or that it does not need to be replaced.

Gas Furnace Basics

How does a gas furnace work?

A gas furnace has a pilot light that turns on burners that are inside the system. They heat up what is called the combustion chamber and once it is heated up, it travels to heat exchanger. Once it gets to this point, the heat is able to disburse through the duct system in your home and then go out through your vents. If the pilot light goes out, the heater will not be able to work so you can either relight the pilot yourself or if you don’t know how to do that or don’t feel comfortable, you can always call out a technician to do it for you.

How long should a gas furnace last?

A furnace will typically last somewhere around 15-20 years. They can go out much sooner if they are not taken care of properly. If your furnace is getting close to this age and is beginning to have problems, you will need to start thinking about getting a new one installed. It is best to plan ahead because if you suddenly need a new furnace, you may have to spend more on it and not be able to do your research or find the best one for your home.

Common Problems With a Gas Furnace

There are a few problems that come up again and again because of either old age, malfunction, or lack of routine maintenance.

Cracked Heat Exchanger – This issue is very expensive to fix and is something that is easily prevented by doing maintenance.

Filters – Making sure that your filters are changed out every 3 months or so is an important part of the maintenance. This will help keep dirt and dust from collecting in your vents and other areas and also keep your energy bill lower as well.

Bad Pilot Light – When the pilot light isn’t working or has a low flame, it will not produce the heat needed to make sure that it stays hot enough to warm a home. This will need to be relite in order for it to work properly.

Noisy Furnace – If there is noise coming from the furnace, it could mean that there is a clogged burner or mechanical problem from within that needs to be taken care of.

Taking care of your gas furnace is always a good thing to do because it will in turn, take care of you. There needs to be maintenance done on it so that it can last through those hard winter months and not leave you in a cold home. If you need a gas furnace service in Albuquerque, NM, make sure to give us a call at 505-288-3308 and let our team here at HPC Mechanical, Inc., take care of you.