Professional Electric Furnace Repair

Electric Furnace Repair and Replacement

When You Need Electric Furnace Or Replacement, Call HPC Mechanical, Inc.

Is your electric furnace not producing enough warm air or no warm air at all? Does it frequently shut off and on? Don’t settle for an electric furnace that doesn’t provide you with the very best heating, call HPC Mechanical, Inc. to get professional electric furnace repair for your Albuquerque, NM home or business. There are many reasons why an electric furnace stops working like it should, from a broken thermostat, corroded wiring, worn out blower motor, and even damages to heating elements. Whatever the reason is, our licensed, bonded, and fully-insured technicians can repair any type of problem, no matter the size. Call us at 505-288-3308 in order to make an appointment.

Get Electric Furnace Replacement Service

When we come out to repair your electric furnace, we will inspect your furnace to see where the issue lies. Once the inspection is complete we will determine if repairs are the best solution. Sometimes, a complete electric furnace replacement is the best service. There are a lot of reasons for this, the age of the furnace, how often it gets repaired, and increased heating bills. We will take all of these things into consideration when determining if electric furnace repair for your Albuquerque, NM home or business is the best move or if a replacement is a way to go. A replacement is not a bad thing; while the initial cost can be a lot more than repairs, you will make up for it with a decrease in energy bills and a more energy efficient electric furnace.

Electric Furnace Services for Your Home Or Business

Whether you need electric furnace repair or replacement, our heating technicians will be able to take care of you. We have the resources, tools, and knowledge to make the required repairs, as well as know when a replacement is a more affordable route to take. HPC Mechanical, Inc. has been around for over 45 years and in that time we have helped many homeowners and business owners in the area get better heating for their properties with our heating service. We offer free estimates, so call us at 505-288-3308 to find out how much electric furnace replacement or electric furnace repair in Albuquerque, NM will be.