Central Air Conditioning Repair

Your central air conditioner is one of the most active components in your home or business. If your unit fails, it may lead to uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe conditions. A/C failure is also one of the leading reasons for heat exhaustion in most homes and businesses. The HPC Mechanical, Inc. experts can help return your air conditioner back to optimal condition fast. Contact us today at 505-288-3308 to find out more about our central air conditioning repair offered around Albuquerque, NM!

Common Issues With Household Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Know When You Need Central Air Conditioning Repair for Your Home Or Business.

Although A/C systems are built to be sturdy and long-lasting, they may start to show signs of damage and wear through time. Some clues can help you identify the problem in your system to help with the quick repair. Whether you notice these common signs or have experienced other clues of a problem, contact our experts as soon as possible to get accurate, affordable repair.

  • Problems With Refrigerant: As the most commonly reported air conditioning failure, this problem can be easily fixed by a technician and usually includes simply adding more refrigerant in your unit. However, low refrigerant levels can stem from leaks in the lines, so your system should be evaluated with a pressure test, performed by a professional.
  • Part Breakdown: Whether your fan has quit or your compressor isn’t working, the mechanical parts of your central air conditioner may sometimes fail. When this occurs, your team will help you weigh the age and condition of your system with the cost of repair vs. replacement.
  • Problems With the Drain System: As your system increases its operation in warmer months, the drain intake also increases. Backed up or clogged drain pans can cause serious damage to your A/C system and in your home. The HPC Mechanical, Inc. technicians can provide a complete evaluation to ensure you don’t have any clogs or blockages.

For central air conditioning repair in Albuquerque, NM, there’s only one team to call. We perform a complete inspection of your system and discuss each of your repair options. Our team has cultivated relationships with local top suppliers so we can provide only the highest-quality parts and materials available. Call the HPC Mechanical, Inc. professionals at 505-288-3308 for air conditioning service for your home or business that you are able to count on.